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Suddenly five years. How much we witnessed, for happiness, for the heart scenery personnel, have become a force of feeling aftertaste, and grew up in the jetway. Jetway is not only an enterprise, providing a source of work and life for us; and it is a career, carrying too much of our pursuit of hope and glory; or a people cultivate school, let us in the self realization in the development of self, self perfection.
Resources will be exhausted, only the culture will be endless. All scientific and technological products are created by human wisdom. Jetway no natural resources can be interdependent, only to create a miracle in the mind of man. Spirit can be transformed into material. Here the culture, not only contains knowledge, technology management, sentiment...... It also contains all the intangible factors that contribute to the development of productive forces.
Culture is a kind of spirit, in the Jetway, this is the spirit of dedication and innovation team. We are relentless in the frustration and failure to build our cause, we rely on collective struggle, we rely on self innovation...... We work in the rain, we play in the heavy rain, we in the storm......
Culture is a kind of atmosphere. We create a healthy, positive, unity atmosphere in five years, each of us grow up healthily in this kind of atmosphere, happy work, happy life. We are also in their own words and deeds to maintain this atmosphere and a bit of accumulation. The number of companies is changing, but the atmosphere has not changed......
Culture is a kind of power. Jetway Ltd. is a perfect system, but we have no culture for a visually impaired person organization behavior. We see organizational culture as a very important moral force, sometimes even fundamental and decisive. So, we are always moving troops and horses, culture first". We rely on the existing organizational culture to choose people, but also rely on it to influence people, change people, bound people.
Culture is the soul of the jetway.
A unique corporate culture
(1) business philosophy: Science and technology industrial nation
(2): a matter of conscience, thought enterprise credit oriented, legitimate, striving to be the first
(3) the connotation of enterprise: complementary advantages, resource sharing, mutual benefit and common
(4) enterprise spirit: morality, unity, harmony, development
(5) values: let the quality we write Jetway company dignity
(6) talent: all rivers run into sea, let the Dragon flies; thousands of boat racing, renqunying scrambling.
(7) product policy:
Adopt international standards, optimize product quality;
Pay close attention to scientific and technological progress, optimize product structure;
Accelerate technological innovation, optimize the competitive environment;
To meet customer requirements, optimize sales service;
Highlight the quality level, optimize the overall quality.
(8) operating principles:
Create brand for enterprise
Create opportunities for employees
Create benefits for society
(9) development orientation: collectivization, industrialization, standardization, standardization, serialization and branding
(10) image advertising slogans:
Shouldering the national responsibility to develop national communication
The development of national communications and the cause of China Communications


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ShenZhen Gerbole Elec.Technology Co.,LTD!

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ShenZhen Gerbole Elec.Technology Co.,LTD!
ShenZhen Gerbole Elec.Technology Co.,LTD!
ShenZhen Gerbole Elec.Technology Co.,LTD!
ShenZhen Gerbole Elec.Technology Co.,LTD!

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